Welcome to Project Kereru

"Dedicated to the Rehabilitation and Release of the New Zealand Native Pigeon"

Project Kereru is a voluntary community based Conservation Project that is changing the fate of sick and injured Kereru in Dunedin and surrounding areas. As far as we are aware, Project Kereru is the only one of its kind in the country. Many other facilities care for sick and injured birds in New Zealand also, but we are the only ones dedicated to the kereru alone.


We are supported by Dunedin Forest and Bird through their Dr Marjorie Barclay Trust funds, Department of Conservation, and work very closely with the Wildlife Hospital Dunedin.


The Kereru is one of New Zealand's iconic species and much reduced in abundance due to habitat loss, and predation by introduced species. Under Department of Conservation's threat classification scheme, Kereru were considered chronically threatened with a classification of Gradual Decline - this means that they were at risk of extinction but were buffered slightly by either a large population total or a slow rate of decline. However, since 2008 the DOC threat or conservation status of the kereru has been ‘not threatened’.

Each and every year we care for many sick and injured Kereru. Some have been injured through impact injuries others have lost their parent and cannot fend for themselves.

We are committed to helping Kereru. Our continued hope, through the work that we do is that the iconic sound of our native pigeon flying through the trees does not fade to become yet another memory and that there will always be Kereru for future generations to enjoy.


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